maintenance guide
1, day-to-day cleaning: floor tile can be used day-to-day cleaning of water and detergent, such as detergent, soap and other cleaning.
2, to scratch to deal with tile: The tile floor should always be kept clean and dust removal of sand should be to prevent injurymill, local tile minor surface scratches, the scratches on the coating can be a little toothpaste, with a soft dry cloth wipe repeatedly forced to remove scratches, play on the floor wax, such as the new light will enable the tiles.
3, special pollutants to floor cleaning contaminated surfaces should be immediately wipe with a soft cloth and rinse with water, if the choice of the following recommendations are still blot washing detergent.

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Proud Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province of China. Our company is a modern enterprise special in producing all types of ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, showerrooms and showerroom accessaries. The company takes high standard technics, product development and the advanced equipment,adopts the modern production management, strictly carries out the ISO9001 international quality control system and the quality inspecting process of the country, to ensure the product quality. We have been exporting our products to over 20 countries all over the world and gain very good reputation in International market.

The main products of our company include high-class ceramic tile, polished porcelain tiles, stone-imitated tile, golden jade stone and wall tiles. Totally more than 50 patterns and specifications.

The company keeps on the business principle of “sincerity quality and innovation”, bases on the conception of “creation of beautiful family space, deduction of extractive lift art”. Following the march of the time, the company, according to the needs of the customers, extractively creats all the product lines. Entering into the 21st century, the company will continue the ideas of “exquisite product and innovation” to satisfy the requirements for high quality and good taste pursued by people with its more superior products. 

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